There Are Four Hosts! (A Star Trek Picard Podcast)

Episode - 07 (Absolute Candor)

February 18, 2020 A Star Trek Picard Podcast Season 1 Episode 7
There Are Four Hosts! (A Star Trek Picard Podcast)
Episode - 07 (Absolute Candor)
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Join us as we discuss "Absolute Candor"...the episode where Picard hires a sword wielding Romulan ninja. Also...when did Picard become Risky Business? Please no more Borg cube Romulan/Android love sliding (some people are eating when they watch this show!)

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Jay:   0:15
Hey, everyone, this is there are four hosts. I am J at just average J on socials. And I am Michael. You can find me at Blue Beetle games on the twitters.

Sabrina:   0:28
Hey, this is Sabrina. You could find me Avoid cat gaming on Twitter, Twitter and Instagram.

Keith:   0:33
Hi, I'm Keith Justice, and you can find me on Twitter at Keith Justice Prime. So if you've been going to keep Hayward all this time Wait, no, no, I say it wrong. So my twitter is not keep Hayward is Keith Hayward prime? So you might be going to a different Keith here this entire time. So, yeah, look me up on Twitter Prime Universe thing or something, because what else took keep Hayward? Because they got first.

Michael:   0:57
How dare they have the

Sabrina:   0:58
same name as you?

Jay:   0:59
How dare they? I kind of like how someone tried Thio do void cat on twitch. And it was already taken.

Michael:   1:07
It wasn't taken when I checked and that a weak leader it was, and I was still mad about it. Why do you bring it up in the booth? Back into

Jay:   1:16
the podcast, everyone. So Episode four of the card happened

Michael:   1:23

Jay:   1:23
and uh, we got a little bit more of the juicy story going on and the dismay with the raw Meulens and, uh, how upset they are about everything. And

Michael:   1:34
they always Yeah, I know. And, you know, end,

Jay:   1:37
end, uh, card. You get a little bit more of an inside of put cards, huh? You know, his, um, where he's coming from and all that sex anyway, we won't get too into that yet, But we have Rommie, Elin like sword assassins that are all female, which is doing

Michael:   1:54
Yeah, we need to

Jay:   1:55
jump in on that. That's kind of badass.

Sabrina:   1:57
Okay. Uh, yeah, recently about that real quick. I'm really excited about this thing that just happened here. And ah, it kind of it kind of mirrors the thing that we like to make fun of in Vulcan's a lot with Spock's secret older brother who is like an emotional Vulcan. But I do actually like that. They're doing more with the fact that one society one culture would be completely homogeneous. Um, so showing us this the sect of Rommel ins, that's like I

Michael:   2:29
know all of

Sabrina:   2:30
the other ramya winds are all about keeping all the secrets but were like Fuck that. We're gonna be super honest. I actually think that. I think that's dope.

Jay:   2:37
Absolute candor. Interesting, Right?

Keith:   2:40
Actively different Romulans in this show. Aggressively, because there's a joke I saw a while ago about like Star Trek five, where the running and there was just in Asian woman and, like there was nothing on her head and mimic her ears were barely changed

Sabrina:   2:54

Keith:   2:55
o then, like some people started noticing like, Oh, wait and some have foreheads and some don't and wait, What's

Michael:   3:00
going on

Keith:   3:00
here? And this show? We are starting to see all different forms of Ron Allen's.

Sabrina:   3:04
It's nice to know that it's not only a visual change, differences between them but also like actual cultural differences. Yeah, um, I do have to make fun of the gesture that they used, though, because it's literally like,

Michael:   3:14
Look, we're open books. Uh, that was a little too on the nose for me, but it was nice of

Sabrina:   3:22
it was a nice way to show that, like, paid attention to the other culture and stuff like that.

Jay:   3:26
Yeah. Yeah. And speaking of Picard in my culture, um, him and I've ever es importante like, forget the boy's name, right?

Sabrina:   3:32
I wrote it down for that Eleanor.

Jay:   3:34
Okay. No. Yes. Um, it's really sweet to see him and Picard interact when he's younger. Um and and considering Picard was so anti kids

Sabrina:   3:45

Jay:   3:46
we first started tng to see this full transition of him bringing him a book in a gift And, you know, just just opening up himself to this to this boy and which, you know, um apparently didn't cause that that group is an all female group. So he didn't really belong in that group. So having Picard like you too, you know, look up to as a male figure. Was it actually really sweet? So I mean, you see this really sweet, gentle interaction between the two.

Sabrina:   4:16
Uh huh.

Keith:   4:17

Jay:   4:18
And what you guys were How you guys are feeling with that? I

Keith:   4:21
i When it comes to fiction, I'm always a sucker for, ah, training sequences. Let that destroy all of my defenses about, like, how much I might not like a thing if I see like the show. Slow down. Stop. When you see like the montage, there's music and person like suck it something And then slowly they find their inspiration. They smile to get better at it. And, like Picard being the inspiration behind the kid, going to be a good man and swordsman and been like to have an order of swords. When then Also, I'm a sucker for sword slingers. So I I'm gonna say Like it. I'm I'm starting not to like Picard, but, man in that sequence, I was just like, all

Michael:   5:00
right. Okay. Yeah, I'm with you. Let's do this. So how's it going with the

Keith:   5:04
training sequence? Is a lot

Jay:   5:05
of good. Good, good, good, good. Um, so basically, um, and trying to kind of go in order of the of the episode Just so you know, people can follow along or whatever, but after that, after that sequence, you know, we go back into space and space turns out to be super boring. Marius. I mean, I've never heard someone say that in Trek, but at the same time, it makes complete sense. So

Michael:   5:36
I was actually when I was watching and I kept

Jay:   5:41
on all the Agnes scenes, I kept thinking of Sabrina's. I was think she must love all the cute Agnes stuff.

Sabrina:   5:46
Thank you. Yeah,

Michael:   5:48
she's adorable. Um, I did think it

Sabrina:   5:51
was funny because there's this thing in improv called Calling The Game where, like you with a liner joke explicitly kind of call out What's going on on the stage is being, like, a little ridiculous in the real world. Uh, and I feel like that's kind of what they did with that Agnes moment because Star Trek, you know, obviously is all about We're

Michael:   6:10
traveling in space

Sabrina:   6:10
and we keep running into, like, weird shit. What is this going on? But in real life spaces, you know, vast empty spaces between particles of stuff. Even so, uh, they kind of that was kind of like, uh, like the Picard going out on, like, science fiction moment in reverse, where it's just like Angus being like, I know that all these shows that we've had a lot of stuff happened, but

Michael:   6:29
actually there's no bunch in Spaces there. It's pretty boring. Bring a book is what they're saying. I go ahead. Sorry.

Keith:   6:37
I disagree. Uh, spaces and

Michael:   6:40
boring, though it's not making for the stuff I love. So, like for me when I staying at all, I don't

Keith:   6:46
know. Yeah, I know. I know I understand. Like how people felt it and read it And, like, why be funny and cool? Put for me, like is just going like, Hey, you know

Michael:   6:56
what space is

Keith:   6:58
awesome in, Like a book series I've read like they took a small moment for, like, just explain, like, this is what's happening right now you are exploding in bending space time reality itself around your world And you get to see from one expanse of the galaxy to another You're you're splitting the vacuum itself in reality. And that's freaking awesome. I could sit all day looking at the way. No, I'm just thinking that. And seeing that you're like, you should be, like, fascinated and your uplifted Lee. I love space in space travel. So, like, that moment was like, I get what you guys are doing your you call in the game. I get it. But like, you guys could also take this moment to uplift people with how awesome space and science fiction can be. Yeah, I gotta be at that moment,

Sabrina:   7:44

Jay:   7:45
Okay. Understandable. I actually I think it's hilarious that she says that while there's, like, a port bubble around the ship Yeah, I mean, like, they're literally

Sabrina:   7:54
You can't see anything.

Jay:   7:55
Yeah, it's It's just warp and it's just wait. There's a what? Like it's boring, but it's

Michael:   8:00
beautiful. Look at that amazing fired space time. I think like

Sabrina:   8:05
what she made. It's like, you know, uh, let's skip back a couple of generations when we didn't have planes yet and a couple generations 100 years, whatever. Well,

Michael:   8:14
we didn't have planes

Sabrina:   8:15
and we only had boats. And I was like, Yeah, you get to be on a boat for 33 months. The ocean's beautiful but like two months and you're pretty fucking bored of it, you know?

Jay:   8:24
Yeah, I can see getting used to it. Uh, Steve's just hilarious. Yeah, and then, um, it's, I don't know. I just She's adorable. I love her

Michael:   8:37
here. There's so much sayings like,

Jay:   8:39
I look forward to her scenes and what she's gonna say, cause she's so different than what we're used to in track.

Sabrina:   8:48
She's kind of like that Bright Edinson

Jay:   8:52

Sabrina:   8:53
But we usually get bright at instance, for like one episode, maybe, and then like not really. Whereas like she's like lasting break. Okay, we're not counting Mary Mae whether he

Michael:   9:02
basically had no personality. Sorry. She reminds me of you guys. Seen the show? Angel? The character friend. Reminds me afraid a little bit. It's funny. Um, you were talking about that

Sabrina:   9:19
scene. I really You guys might remember around episode when I was like, we haven't seen them ownership yet, so we don't know how the Lin direct. I quite I quite like the non like. Ah, plot is important right now. Just like fucking around character interactions. That reminds me of trick metal. Nice. I enjoyed that. Um, and I gotta make fun again of our intrepid ship, Captain.

Michael:   9:43
First of all that hard,

Sabrina:   9:45
like, Oh, wait, You're the captain, huh? That was cute, but I've got to make fun of him again for the fact that we've now seen four different holograms of him. The medical one. The navigational won the hospitality one. And I,

Michael:   9:58
uh I guess the last technical how how did this

Sabrina:   10:04
happen? Okay, so look like him, but have different personalities. Okay, maybe the the after, like Voyager came back, they were like,

Michael:   10:13
Oh, it's actually nice

Sabrina:   10:14
to have all the guns with personality, So we'll start giving them personalities and maybe that's what happened. And you just decided to make them look like him. But, like, just the idea of them having different personalities and different accents might do, But all of them looking like him is just freaking wild.

Jay:   10:26
Yeah, you totally my list. So you skipped ahead. And how dare you noticed

Michael:   10:32
the same scene. Okay,

Sabrina:   10:35
well, the hospital anyone shows up there.

Jay:   10:37
Yeah. Yeah, which actually that that actually ties into what? I was gonna What? I was gonna bring it. But go ahead. Anyone else wanted? I want to go on about that because Sabrina's on it.

Michael:   10:46
Just I just like I mean, I like Captain Rios in general. I thought I mean, I could see, like, a Captain Rio show. Yes, you spent. Maybe not with all of him being the three crew, But I like this character. Really? Only the lowest budget ever. You're right. I think it's

Jay:   11:01
hilarious. There. I mean, all those holograms and all the all the different versions of him. And I mean, how amazing is he to be able to pull that off? You know what I mean? Yeah.

Keith:   11:12
Um, I was saying that, like, all right, when he once again gets to act different, and therefore it looks like he's having fun. And then if I went to nitpick, which isn't it pick? I'm not gonna take us a serious jab, but it's more like so for your tactical hologram, you went a hungover, slow

Michael:   11:29
version of yourself. Do you really want that for the person you trying to keep you alive?

Keith:   11:36
Like in my mind, I guess I can re calculate that it's a supercomputer and, like, maybe that's how much time it takes to do the calculations. And it's just Max by looking like it's

Michael:   11:45
hung. That's really, really on the ball. So that's

Keith:   11:49
what I saw.

Sabrina:   11:51
It acts like it's a drug to make up for the fact that it's having

Michael:   11:55
tea. Thanks. Like that. Make you feel better. Spatial matter. Yes, that's

Keith:   11:59
what I'm gonna say.

Jay:   12:00
It makes you feel less inferior because it's a drunk hologram. So you feel less inferior. Yeah, of course. Makes it still

Keith:   12:07
on the ball. It's stolen.

Sabrina:   12:09
Oh, and, uh, Rafi does ah, fund Picard Impression

Michael:   12:16
forgot about rocking the

Keith:   12:18
aggressive disapprove. Er,

Sabrina:   12:20
um I kind of like it because, like they start being passive aggressive at each other Sometimes I'm like, that's That's two officers that have worked together for too long.

Jay:   12:30
Absolutely. Okay, but speaking of the holograms, So the hospitality, Um, hologram. So Picard gets his whole study. I mean, like, he doesn't just get a room. He gets his whole damn study in the ship. I mean, that's going from Well, I guess since he hired him, and even though it's not supposed to be a monetary, you know, society, he hired the captain. And I guess the captain's, you know, kind of since he's hired, he paid him. He's going out of his way for him. But it just felt kind of different because, you know, you're on a spaceship, but then you have all this, this room that's built in wood and all these things, and it just I mean, I understand. But then at the same time, I'm like, but

Michael:   13:14
that's not really how

Jay:   13:16
you know, space travel works. You don't have rooms that are holograms there, that air holiday. It's unless maybe you do now, you know,

Michael:   13:24
I gotta say,

Sabrina:   13:25
I mean, it's been around for 30 years now. Maybe they

Michael:   13:28
dio maybe I started. Yeah, they started at the beginning Kenji. They started putting like emitters on other parts of Voyager, right?

Jay:   13:37
So the doctor could get around so when he had the mobile emitter, but still Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's just what was one of those things where I was like,

Michael:   13:44
huh? Let me ponder that and think, Do I like that? I don't know if I like

Jay:   13:49
that. I'm still I'm still up near about it.

Keith:   13:52
Same. Like if we could never room in your starship, I want to see what your room and your starship looks like. I can men like against the time I'd be going too far and one from this doubt to say that he'd re create his own like enterprise d ready room. That had been awesome. Yeah, that's going too far, But yeah, it just kind of like I like my starships. I like going in your starship and you have your, like, your little command rumors so much that it would be cool to see it be designed. But in this show, they to stick to way too much black metal and orange, and you don't get too much design. So

Sabrina:   14:25
I think

Keith:   14:25
that they wanted to make the most I like the sets that they did make. It may just get to go back to, like, the one set. And I was actually thinking that, like, maybe it's because partner at Spectra was older man now and I wasn't sure if, like the his ah, chateau is a location or a set that first about my location. Maybe it's like

Sabrina:   14:46
the outsides of location, the insides of said. That's usually

Keith:   14:50
okay. Yeah, yeah, I got confused by that. So it's probably set in just around the corner from the other set, so

Sabrina:   14:55

Keith:   14:55
playing at a distance thing, but it's more of like a We spent all this time making this. Let's keep using it.

Sabrina:   15:01
Yeah, I'm actually the wordplay. The three of you guys are against this, and I'm like, actually, I'm okay with it. Um, so let me be in the place of defending something for once. Um, the fact is, Rios has a ship that he can rent out, so there's probably like sometimes he does passengers. Sometimes he does other stuff, but she's the only person on the crew, so all the rooms that would be normally taken up by crew are vacated. So there's there's room for Agnes and, uh, the card and stuff to take. Um I don't know if it would be that big. A ship from the outside looks pretty small, but I do believe we've had holiday ex since the beginning of team G. Like that was the thing. The beginning of team G. Everybody's like hole. You should. This new technology is awesome. That's happened 30 years. That gives us enough time to make it. So that's pretty easy to get on ships. So I find with Holodeck, uh, captain's room. Okay, whatever about it.

Michael:   15:56
Good to know. All I know all I know is if that technology ever came Reno really be fucked as a society because we would never would never leave the holiday like Berkeley. Yeah, um, like, See, yeah, sort

Sabrina:   16:10
of pull this awesome SciFi series in. But there's

Michael:   16:13
a couple

Sabrina:   16:14
of episodes of Star Gate where they run into, like, ancient civilizations were. That's exactly what happened. Everybody is in like a V Arpad, and

Michael:   16:22
they've been

Sabrina:   16:23
there for centuries, and they don't even know it anymore. So yeah, that's that's the

Michael:   16:27
thing, you know, But you would open my Holodeck, and I'd be like, make it so Sorry. Apologize. Apologize for my terrible Patrick Stewart impression. All right, away.

Jay:   16:43
Yes. Anyway, moving on. But yes, it's very interesting that the way the ship's laid out stuff, um, so they go back to the planet, and, uh, basically, it's it's the opposite of what it was. When Picard beams down, it's, ah, you know, very like just unhappy and unwelcome. And no one says hi to him. And, you know, it's just, um it's the

Sabrina:   17:11
man who abandoned

Jay:   17:11
exactly. Then you just do you feel that? You know what I mean? Like, it's it's really kind of a trip to feel that flip. And then I'm, you know, building up to that. You kind of wonder if the the group that he was so close to is gonna be the same. But they weren't It was really sweet. Um, but it was just very different and just ah, you know, this Picard left them, left them hanging, didn't didn't come back, didn't keep up, you know, keep his promise and I love it. The end how he he takes Romulans. Holy sign of like stamps steps on it and walks right in like f you like? No. Like like I tried, you know. But at the same time, it was it just It's one of those, like, uncomfortable scenes, you know, like as a viewer watching that kind of scene happen where it's just very uncomfortable in you. You feel for both sides, you know, you see both sides and you feel for both sides and then years like man, you know, like, what's gonna happen. And, um, you hope that they all kind of come together and like, Oh, well, we understand. But that's not really what happened. Get kids as head judge. But you know, it's that whole, like the whole internal like struggle of Oh man, like I understand them. But I But I understand him and like, it's just uncomfortable and just hurts. But, um, it's just that it's just it was interesting to see him so warm. And then at the end of it, just stepping on the sign and being like, No, I'm walking in here and you guys, we're gonna have to deal.

Sabrina:   18:42
I'm curious. Why? Like what you guys think his reasoning was for that? That their ideas? J uh what do you think?

Jay:   18:52
You know, I think that part of it. It's interesting, because I think part of it was no, like, I'm I'm Picard. I'm Admiral. This was me. You know, I'm not letting this happen, like taking ownership of the situation because he was the one that was there, you know, Ambassador and Admiral And he basically was trying to help them. And then circumstances happened where he couldn't anymore. But at the same time, I think that he basically was like, No, like, I tried like, this is my thing and and I am allowed to be here. You know, I

Sabrina:   19:26
was just a personal

Jay:   19:27
I think so. But also, I think that it was a little more than that in the sense that, like, that's not okay like I am, you know, Here he is, you know, on camera in the previous episodes, you know, talking about how it's not the

Michael:   19:40
federation of what's that?

Sabrina:   19:42
And at the beginning of this

Jay:   19:43
Yes, yes, yes. Where you know, he's like, No, they're not. It's not Ramya. One lives. It's lives, you know, like he's trying to say, Hey, look like you can like That's not okay. It's not just you. It's not just me. It's it's not a race thing or ah, you know, it's It's Ah, we're speaking. Yeah, yeah, we're all We're old, you know? I mean, we're all legs. Exactly. So I think that it was it was personal, but it was also a little bit of that, like, Hey, I don't stand for that. Like I I I told them that we're all equal, and I would like for you to think the same. You know what I'm saying?

Sabrina:   20:22
Uh huh. Yeah, I'm glad you said that because that's how I feel about it, that it was a new illustration of like prejudice, regardless of whether it's because your group is ah, like, because you were stomped on by the other group because you're stomping on the other group is not helpful. It was an interesting illustration of, like, trick values. I'm I'm fonder of this episode that I wasn't the other three, huh?

Jay:   20:50
That's funny. This was my least favorite of of all of

Keith:   20:52
them. For me. This is my I'm having lots of mixed feelings now. Like where I was easily more on one side or the other. This one's kind of like Okay, what What is really happening here. How do I feel? So, like, this scene was a little like once again. Like, too, on the nose when it comes to what, Like liberal guilt and going on, Like, you know, these people who are, like, really poor and like, the things you sing like a little too on the nose. Then when he looked through way that sign, I was just like, Okay, okay. If this was, like, directly like our human past where you have, like, divisions between races and you threw down sign Hell, yeah, man. But, John Look, man, you just rolled up. And like, you've been drinking wine and having threesomes all this time, I'm like, these people are literally pork. And you don't know why they have divisions here. Like we haven't given enough like world building to understand why it's happening or why they feel the way they dio. Yeah, And then, like, he, like, rolls up like a snarky badass with, and they're already

Michael:   21:52
poor. I kind of see what you're doing,

Keith:   21:55
cause John Luke is good, And but you're also not bad ass anymore. What do you think is gonna happen when you do this? Like

Sabrina:   22:02

Keith:   22:02
people like break you in half like they've been through enough. So

Michael:   22:06
what are you trying to do

Keith:   22:07
here? And then there's the speeches, and then it's just like it's a bit of a mess. It's a mess. Uh, like, I get what you're trying to do, but it's a messy set up, and then you kill the

Michael:   22:18
guy is eerie. Wait, what are we supposed to be feeling in this scene? He didn't need to give him a choice. Yeah. I'm also

Sabrina:   22:27
glad that Picard was like, you should not have killed him.

Michael:   22:30
Yeah. Yeah. I'm so glad he said that, You know, that was bad ass. You should not have killed dough yet. Dope, sword play. But, uh what up, dude? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I did find

Sabrina:   22:47
it very weird that the senator was like, You have no knowledge of Romulan self sufficiency ingenuity, And I was like, Well, why didn't you use any of that in self sufficiency? Your ingenuity to get out of this situation, then? Yeah. Yeah, well, and then after that, he was like, and it's your fault that we got split up, but I'm like,

Michael:   23:04
that was one thing I was thinking of like, yeah,

Jay:   23:06
he didn't finish. We know what he promised, but he did save

Michael:   23:10
however many thousands or millions of Romney in our lives. And if you're that self

Sabrina:   23:14
sufficient in in June us, that's not the right word. But whatever. Um, why didn't you take hold of this community that you guys build right here and make it better?

Keith:   23:23
Yeah, I think we're seeing is a thing. I've been tryingto, uh, untangling my mind about what's going on with culture and fiction. And the problem like we running into is that, um right now we're having science fiction That is not doing slice of life at all anymore. Where once upon a time, we had 26 episodes to roll through, like a focused. The writers back then had to clean up that one story and, like, make sure everything worked in their versus what 10 to 12 story arc, where they're just trying to do the like, arc of just these characters and not the entire world.

Sabrina:   24:01
Yeah, I definitely feel like the world has been simplified into some more like is good this bad in some ways, um, it definitely feels like the like stuff going out with the wrong melon was structured around the storyline like Picard's personal arc so that,

Keith:   24:24
Oh, g Star Trek in science fiction The hidden messages underneath the world building where this is not hiding the message it all in there not doing world building that makes

Sabrina:   24:35
him or rather, the world building is built around.

Keith:   24:38
There you go,

Sabrina:   24:38
making the message clear.

Keith:   24:41
Yeah, there you go. Bending the world itself to fit the message, no matter what.

Sabrina:   24:46
Frankly, I'm getting kind of used to the

Michael:   24:49
Yeah, mine, like

Sabrina:   24:51
this is no longer the start. I was like you used to, but whatever Picard in an alternate universe, that's likely Black Jack and hookers

Michael:   25:00
thing on this scale.

Keith:   25:04
I have been trying to change my mind on this scale. Thio. How I judge this kind of this is like how I prefer it, which keeps on trying to get in the room going

Michael:   25:14
What? No way trick. Yeah,

Jay:   25:19
Uh, no, I know. It's it's it's definitely different. And e think it's, you know, it's the whole lake trying to put an eye on our, you know, bring to light. Uh, I don't know. It's It's the whole damn debate of you know, Hollywood using their tools to bring out, you know, issues that we're having in our country kind of stuff, you know? And

Sabrina:   25:43
what are they bringing out the issues? Because they believe in the issues that they bring out the issues because they think will get them once I start right. At least I feel like they're bringing up the issues because they wanna have a debate about them. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not mad about

Jay:   25:54
the angry. Yeah, No,

Michael:   25:55
it's like

Sabrina:   25:56
some other movies.

Keith:   25:58
They're trying to be responsible for trying to a good thing with the platform they have. I can tell that you appreciate that, but they've forgotten how was once done that used. He'll break down barriers, which

Michael:   26:08
is what's needed. Me? Absolutely.

Sabrina:   26:10
I do feel that that it's it's so unsettle right now that, like that story you told us about how that one episode kind of changed your view. One episode much less likely to happen here.

Keith:   26:22
Yeah, Like what? The way it happened for me, I was ready for it. I could tell That's the metaphor. They're going to try to do a change my mind about, like homosexuality. And I was like. All right. Getting what you got. Holy shit, You're right. And now they do it. Now They just kind of put on the screen and say, this is good. And then, like, a person who's not on your side will just further dig in and they won't learn the lesson.

Jay:   26:43
Yeah, Yeah, they kind of put a wall up instead of Yeah, and well, and I don't know, like, I mean, I'm kind of getting into it. I feel like we're and a place where people don't have, um, like, educated conversations about things anymore. People just say, Well, you're wrong. I'm right. Or, you know, I'm right, you know, like, people aren't open to having those uncomfortable conversations, but

Sabrina:   27:10
that's that they've become bludgeoning. Yeah, tools rather than discover.

Jay:   27:13
Yeah, I think that's one nice thing is, you know, yes, they're kind of putting the stuff right in front of us in the show, but at the same time, it's not. Um it's not like, Hey, we're right. You're wrong. It's Ah, Hey, These are things that are happening in Star Trek that I got It could be happening in your your world. Let's t no, let's see how things work out. Maybe have a conversation about him. So Star Trek has always been political, and I mean always not not quite on the nose, like not quite as, um, obvious. But star treks always had, like, settle. Um, I wouldn't say political, I'd say says so. Social social issues?

Michael:   27:53
Yes, social issues haven't

Jay:   27:55
sorry. Yeah,

Keith:   27:55
I've been having this conversation for like months and trying to explain to people that when people say they don't want politics in their fiction, they mean don't just spam, like

Michael:   28:05
exactly Republican. Yeah, yeah, I think

Keith:   28:08
the talking points just don't spend part of yeah, you instead show an allegory of, like this universal. It's not a political stance or talking's point. It's a universal human thing that you can experience. And then usually those do fall into liberal. Um, talking points whenever. But you can't just say it.

Jay:   28:29
Yeah, it's It's not. It's not political. It's more of a social society thing.

Michael:   28:35
I do

Sabrina:   28:35
want to pause that it is sometimes on the nose. Let's go back to to us. Ah, turnabout! Intruder, I think, is the name of the episode the one with the raw Mulan lady that tries to seduce Bach. Um, when the first row. Mulan. What

Michael:   28:48
you don't know about this kid? Come on.

Keith:   28:50
I don't want to. Yes, us.

Michael:   28:52
Okay, well, that's one of the best

Sabrina:   28:54
episode, so just, like, watch that one. Okay, At some point, Bones gives a Kirk surgery so that he looks Rommie limits. Really funny. Okay, what? Um, at the very beginning, Ramya one appears on the view screen, and you find out that ramya one's looking Vulcans because, you know, at this point, all we know about the Romney wins is that there's a neutral zone and you don't want to get in a fight with him because they're vicious. So you see Rami alone for the first time, and ah, the helmsman stops and looks at it and then looks at at spot and then said something really like aggressive. And then Kirk goes, there will be no prejudice on my on my bridge. So, uh, if if you say anything bad about spot began, you could just leave Basically. So it is very straightforward sometimes.

Jay:   29:41
Yeah. Okay. Gotta love Star Trek. But

Michael:   29:50
what's next on the captain?

Jay:   29:52
So excuse me. Okay. So I've got to bring this up because we're talking about uncomfortable conversations and the raw Mulan brother and sister

Michael:   30:06
comfortable for mayor. Yeah. Wait a minute. Hold on, dude, That's your sister. Yeah, Way doing your Star Trek is all. But it was cool and game of Thrones stated What? What Wasn't your dressing his No. Like that? No, it's like, choke me harder. What? No e You know, I hate to draw parallels,

Jay:   30:30
but I know Keith will get this.

Michael:   30:31
It's like, Come on, this is Luke

Jay:   30:32
in land. I'm just kidding.

Michael:   30:34
Oh, okay, brother and sister, when that happened, for the record, Yeah, they didn't know it, but it's a place says we didn't find out until last

Sabrina:   30:44
episode. Leah says, Hold on. He's my brother. I know. I think I've always known

Michael:   30:48
like that. Makes a word, Dad. Bad rec Commons. But correct me if I'm wrong. But didn't that

Sabrina:   30:55
happen? Because Star Wars fan him? He was just a way bigger fan of Han Leia than likely. And then they were like, Oh, let's just get him together.

Keith:   31:01
It was more because the actors were bigger fans like,

Michael:   31:04
so. Yeah. Yeah, I know. They were banging. They were banging. I know I know, I know. Yeah. So, like,

Keith:   31:09
naturally, they have better chemistry. So that original, like yet we're supposed to look in later. That's when I want it. But the actresses like I like hares and Ford, and then they are naturally better together. And then so that, like, in our minds back in the eighties, where you're kind of wondering what?

Michael:   31:25
Wait, wait, wait. Why doesn't Luke get

Keith:   31:26
the girl? Cause that's a cliche. That

Michael:   31:28
is the main character. What's going up? Yeah.

Keith:   31:31
So what, then? You span.

Michael:   31:32
Wait, wait. Keep No, it's his sister. So you have to worry about it. And you're like, uh yeah, it was I feel like you know, So they wanted Thio.

Keith:   31:44
I could go with you. Fine. I'll say like, uh, baseball just wanted one more look on your father

Michael:   31:52
Moon. That's why they

Keith:   31:54
also did it. So

Jay:   31:55
that's ah, anyway, but yes. Uncomfortable around you and brother and sister. It's It's a thing now. Yeah,

Sabrina:   32:01
well, okay. Let's talk about that scene then, Charlie.

Jay:   32:04
Yeah, Yeah, dig in.

Sabrina:   32:05
Do you mind? Five. All right, so, uh huh um, that seemed to me was very interesting, because two things, um, one I feel like it's it's leading into that thing. I mentioned the last before where I think that like he's originally on the side of the tell share or whatever. But he's so we're gonna turn to so g side. I feel like that was emphasizing that just cause the sisters being so rude to him. But also I noticed that they said again that s O. J is the destroyer like, just like yeah, she is. It's the Yep, she is. She's definitely the destroyer. And the fact that they've done that that episode in that scene and the one before has made me utterly convinced that she's not just like they, like, stamp it on there like I'm like, All right, that's it right here. There's no way. So that's just reinforcing my, uh, you know, it's her sister's not

Keith:   33:00
just still out there

Sabrina:   33:00
somewhere, because, especially because the Romanian sisters being such a jerk to him, I feel perfectly that it would be in her character to be like, Oh, yeah, we actually have her in captivity. But I'm not gonna tell you half a cue.

Michael:   33:16
I saw her melting. We didn't see it. Did you see the blast hit her. And now

Keith:   33:22
do we cut away? And then the explosion happened, beamed out,

Sabrina:   33:26
and then it cuts to the explosion. You see the explosion from his point of view. So if it happened in front of her, if she beamed out, we wouldn't know

Jay:   33:33
what you're talking about. Okay, so but there was a scene where it showed her face. Kind of melting like a little bit when the fire way

Keith:   33:43
saw that way into the final. Or did we see the final?

Jay:   33:46
No, we didn't see the final No, no. Showed her. It showed the disrupter exploding. It showed her kind of looking up and being burnt, you know, like not not not fully disintegrated, but showed her skin like burning. And then you see the explosion with card fall back, you know of expected

Keith:   34:04
in quick prediction. Then, uh uh. So bring your right shoe, the destroyer. And when we see her again, like she'll be half melted.

Michael:   34:12
And she has more of a reason to be mad. He's been saying that for two should start track. Okay, so we've got Star Wars. No Firefly. Terminator, Terminator. Let's go Proof to me. That's how I feel about that? Yeah, what we're talking about, Um, what's his name? Derek and Dodge. Just bring up that. Hold them sliding in the board. Q S o g a r. So Gee, sorry. Yeah, the leg I slide

Sabrina:   34:41
in her socks on the like, would kind of

Michael:   34:45
Yeah, I literally have my notes. It's a sliding in the Borg Cube. Equal vomit. So that's I'm just going to say that that's what I'm gonna say about that scene. Well, yeah.

Keith:   34:54
It reminded me of that moment that a by growing debt in heroes win like, but the girl and the boy were flying together because I don't want you ever hurt again and they kiss. It

Michael:   35:04
was like, Yeah, yeah. What does that seem doing in there? That made no sense to me here. I will

Sabrina:   35:11
read my exact notes on the scene for you aboard ritual. 00 it's a joke. Okay, no problem. But sliding and stuff, okay, This is a love scene. So

Michael:   35:21
she's so easy to distract, and then she goes, Are you calling me a liar? I, uh, part of

Jay:   35:29
it s so earlier in the episode. You know, she, um she's kind of calling him out, like, you know. Hey, uh, I forget.

Sabrina:   35:37
Exactly. Think about

Jay:   35:38
Yeah. So, um, I feel like she might be a little more hip to him than we are giving her credit for. I think she might, cause I mean, she's an android. And look, if if Dodge could react with the face mask on and take out those assassins, we don't really know what capability so G has. I mean, she if she is an android and she's starting to, you know, she's like, Oh, I don't know. I just asked people and they give me things. They tell me things or, you know, like people just tend to do what I ask. She might actually be able to, like, maybe unconsciously or subconsciously picked up on his his his vitals, his facial. And I like his tone. I mean, she might be way, way like in the know about what's going on with him. Did you notice when they were walking towards the board ritual scene and, um, his name Eric said something like us. So Cheesehead turned did like a little twitch like Data's did when he would think about something. Don't If you guys know I didn't go back and watch

Michael:   36:43
this guy watch that twice. That is very, very deliberate.

Jay:   36:46
It That's cool. That's cool. And we'll speak. Okay, Speaking of data, thank you for bringing him up. I have a question. So if Dodge and Soldier are made from neurons from data, right, since data,

Michael:   37:01
if they are,

Jay:   37:02
they're well. Here's the thing, though. If, um so they don't have data. Kids data exploded and Data's memories were loaded onto before City. Think that possibly before What is the key to Hal Maddox made the two

Sabrina:   37:18
before? Doesn't function them

Jay:   37:21
well, that but that's the

Michael:   37:22
advantage. The same. Really.

Jay:   37:23
That's the question, though. Like how? How did they? You know what I'm saying? Like how, um

Keith:   37:29
in in your in your timeline would be Mannix using be fours positrons that Aaron affected with Data's memories to create.

Jay:   37:38
Well, that's what I'm wondering, because how, if they're from data and data was obliterated and nemesis, how did Maddox get Data's neurons for dodge and so

Keith:   37:49
less unless it's Sabrina's call, It's the other way around and Dodge. And so,

Michael:   37:56
oh, yeah, Daito, forget your back.

Sabrina:   38:00
Or the fact that data did the painting means that they were created before.

Michael:   38:03
Okay, Okay. Oh, I mean, I still think that I'm right. You could very

Jay:   38:09
well be. We'll find out what six more episodes? Hopefully, Yeah. I

Keith:   38:13
still say your idea is too good for them to

Michael:   38:15
thank you. Thank you. Before we

Sabrina:   38:18
get off the topic of that scene, though, I do feel like it's it's just leading us towards, um he does betray his sister for so ji. But by then, so Ji is already suspicious of a man that he has to win her back.

Jay:   38:32
Yeah, which is such a normal thing. And that's such an easy out. Because, I mean, every

Michael:   38:37
every story

Jay:   38:38
does that every every That's so easy.

Michael:   38:42
I know. I know. I know that. That's why I'm frustrated. I

Sabrina:   38:45
feel like it's too easy for me to read the future of it. But to be frank, I I do that with, like, every movie in every TV show I'd watch. So maybe, uh, there's something weirdly analytical in my brain that just, like, picks up all the patterns that writers use. But I'm still disappointed that their patterns that all the writer through, you know, it is difficult to do something that will surprise everyone. But all right. Come on, you guys. This is a little like,

Jay:   39:12
yeah, trophy. I will admit I'm still happy, cause I was surprised that they were Data's, like, kids. They're related data somehow because I thought that they were gonna be a whole different thing so that they did catch me off guard, and that was cool.

Sabrina:   39:27
It makes sense to me, though, because Data e like after Picardo would say data is the favorite of TNT. Um, several people have mentioned to me, and I kind of grew with them that, like the Picard data friendship has quote unquote become much stronger than it was like in the show. He was, you know, he was friends with data, and with the rest of this cruel, it was like, equal. It wasn't like data is my favorite. And then everybody else. But since Data's our favorite, they were like Picard and data were super close. Like data was besties with Jordan.

Michael:   39:56
Yeah, so what? But whatever.

Keith:   40:01
If you asked Picard back then about data, he'd say, Yeah, he's cool. Not man. I love him to death. We've been

Jay:   40:08
together. He also sacrificed his life, which was pretty much immortality for Picard. So I mean, Picard has a certain level of, um, loyalty to him, too, you know?

Sabrina:   40:20
Yeah, but he has that loyalty first, Absolutely saying

Keith:   40:22
and dated to that for

Michael:   40:24
everybody. Yeah. Since we're already

Sabrina:   40:28
talking about what's going on with the board ship does really like only one other scene that took place on it. So do you want to just finish that subject?

Jay:   40:34
Let's do it. You're talking about

Michael:   40:39
so quick. I didn't

Jay:   40:40
have my notes.

Sabrina:   40:43
Ah, so there was a scene earlier on in the episode. That's just, uh I'm talking about the Rommel in the S o. G. Watching like a video recording of the Romulan lady. I think before she was turned into a board because he had, like, both eyebrows and no Borg attachments. Um, the way they reflected on her face was interesting. But I wonder if that was just a visual trick or if they're trying to actually say something specific about it. Um, yeah, that

Michael:   41:12
what that was trying to say? I'm not sure

Sabrina:   41:15
they were trying to say anything. Aside from the fact that these two are connected somehow which she straight up says, I feel connected to her for some reason. So I guess we'll find out that later. A line that I thought I found funny. So Ji says, I'm trying to challenge my paradigm paradigm, and I'm like, That's a That's a good thing to do. Everyone listening should do that, too. We should also do that. Try to challenge your paradigm as much as you can. But that very much felt like a line from the Star Trek writers to the Star Trek audience rather than something a person with

Michael:   41:44
you think this is new? Star Trek tells your paradigm your time trying to be creative

Keith:   41:52
and and we're making fun of him for that. But you know, they are. And there is something to like I The things where I tried to wrestle with myself over trying to get used to this star trick is that you know, Tia, like t and G change from t less and that was okay. So why can't we have this? But for me, the reason is, uh, wait. Uh, shoot. I I'm mixed up on this leg. If you want to do something different like this, I stop connecting it so much to the past. So if, like the Star Trek galaxy changed like, I would be okay with this more in, like, you know, 400 years. 1000 years

Sabrina:   42:32
like that. Discovery three.

Keith:   42:35
Yeah. Distance. Yeah, do that. And then, like you, you feel lot less complaining about why things aren't really they're supposed to be. Yeah, like

Sabrina:   42:44
the reason Discovery had so much, so so much blowback was because they were, like, we're gonna be five years before to us, like that was a bad, exactly see enterprise got blowback because it was poorly written. Not because we were like, Wait, what the No, no, that's not true. We gave it surprise. A lot of shit for changing cannon.

Keith:   43:01
Yes, I'm going. The prequel era

Michael:   43:03
way totally met the Frankie way back on. And you like Reed alert. The reed alert was awesome. I thought that was you. I

Sabrina:   43:15
might have liked enterprise more if they had actually allowed greed to be gay. Thanks, Brenna. Yeah. Um,

Keith:   43:21
I don't like my spaceships looking like submarines.

Michael:   43:24
Yeah, but that's that's

Sabrina:   43:26
I mean to us was based on submarine warfare. So I see the reference they were making their. Yeah, but fair enough. I mean, ships, everything.

Jay:   43:35
I actually one thing I thought was interesting about that scene with her watching the video of the rabble in is, you know, she's referencing the destroyer. Right? So this is something that had been spoken of prior. That's, you know, in their news, not there, you know, lower mythology. Yeah. Um, So I'm curious. What? There? Because obviously there's a story, right? There's Ah, there's a news story. I'm curious what that story is, You know, like, they're like, I want I want to know what what that story is. Um, and also

Sabrina:   44:13
I mean, that's the plan.

Jay:   44:14
Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. It's just it's very interesting. And I have to admit, like, there are little spots that are very, um that just really pulled me in. And I'm like, Oh, I gotta know. Gotta know what happens. You know?

Michael:   44:27
Think their

Jay:   44:28
second me and I'm like, uh, I just can't wait to see what happens. Um, but I thought it was it was interesting. And I still have this suspicion that the people on that ship that got assimilated that made that Border Cube fail. There's something going on. There's something going on with that Cruz? Yeah, and

Sabrina:   44:48
maybe crazy Rommie. Lady is also an android.

Jay:   44:51
And I know

Keith:   44:52
because they did specify pretty hard that there's something special about that. They said, like it was the only Ramya Lynn ship that every guy's simulated stuff. So

Sabrina:   45:01
I don't know, has ever assimilated ever, but definitely buy that board. Yeah,

Keith:   45:05
or the last one. Even so, there was something

Jay:   45:08
that just It's very it's all very interesting in them. I'm totally sucked in, and I'm Oh, Mullen. You know me. I'm a fan. A mauling. Wait

Keith:   45:18
a second. What if that crew was tactically sent? And that's why I, like, is like, maybe somebody's moved. Maybe a Maddox.

Sabrina:   45:26
They were sentenced. You get rid of the destroyer?

Keith:   45:29
Yeah. Or to disable the cute. Yeah,

Sabrina:   45:32

Keith:   45:33
But maybe there's a reason there's like, uh, why they

Michael:   45:35
send introduction

Keith:   45:36
between sodium.

Sabrina:   45:38
Yeah, I'm sure that Rommel and dislike for since a extended to the Bork because the Borg were like, we're, ah, organic creatures that wish we were since basically

Michael:   45:51
yeah. Mmm. There's because perfection isn't a lot to think about It, isn't there? You're serious? I'm giving it a chance. Is Michael, I feel like you've been coming by

Jay:   46:03
What's what's going on. Like, how are you feeling with everything? Um,

Michael:   46:08
no, I was just about to watch that scene. I thought it was interesting. You know, obviously there so g or her sister, who may still be alive, is the destroyer. But it's just, like wondering what they could do to, because apparently the destroyed brings on the day of annihilation is what she was saying. Just like the destruction of all life everywhere. Um, like, what could one android do that would actually cause that, uh,

Sabrina:   46:32
but actually, we got we got, ah, line that slipped in something that suggests that it's the destroyer can, like, activate all of the other and a eyes. And that's why they hate them so much Because, like the board, they just all connect together and then wipe out organic life.

Michael:   46:52
Yeah, there was that line. She said, Like when all shackled demons break their chains. That answer call of the destroyers. Exactly. I got a pause there for a sec

Sabrina:   46:59
and ah, be disappointed. Ah, because we were talking less week about how Star Trek is like a prime. So I find it just need from to steal from other side. Fine. Now we're disappointed that it is. That's the mass effect storyline, like, straight up. That's not really, um, a bunch of inorganic show up, and they're like organics for sucks. So we're gonna clear you all out. We're gonna put you in our database of species, and then we're gonna let the other nascent species develop.

Jay:   47:25
Okay, so the writers

Michael:   47:26
write a

Sabrina:   47:27
bunch of a I showing up out of nowhere and destroying all of organic life. I'm kind of like All right, you guys.

Keith:   47:33
Yeah, like the Star Trek used to be the show that everyone was trying to be like trying to be like, Yeah, it's trying to be like Firefly. It's right Now.

Jay:   47:42
It's telling me, I was telling me is that the writers are gamers, and I'm for that.

Michael:   47:49
Okay, but no way.

Keith:   47:50
The right games.

Michael:   47:51
I'm with J. M. So I'm still a fan. I just want to know what happens. So just after the vacation, it'll pay off. I say I wasn't a fan. I just said I want t o know.

Jay:   48:00
Sabrina, you listen now I'm just getting

Sabrina:   48:03
I mean, while we're talking about the show stealing from other shows. The the outside view of Pasadena really reminds me of prequel Star Wars ship designs. Like what? The white lines on the front. And then the red.

Jay:   48:16
Yeah. Uh huh.

Sabrina:   48:17

Keith:   48:18
I Yeah, for me, it's definitely more mass effect because it's got the harder edges and little details in it. Where? Yeah, I don't know. It's both.

Sabrina:   48:26
I definitely wouldn't say Prequel Star Wars, Because prequel Star Wars is more like junk or

Michael:   48:31
town. Okay. Sorry. Frequently thinking

Jay:   48:33
of ships and prequels. How about that old school? That old school, Rommie Lynda was a bird of prey. Yeah,

Michael:   48:41
but wait

Keith:   48:42
it out. Epic. If they figure out themselves a junker, which is something that old, I think should have been able to tangle with the

Jay:   48:52
girl who knows what kind of upgrades its head

Sabrina:   48:56
they upgraded,

Keith:   48:57
you would need up

Sabrina:   48:57
their weapons and nothing

Michael:   48:58
else. It was cool. It was that he didn't even have a cloak. They kept the chassis and even have a clue. We've got a Romulan ship, i e.

Jay:   49:08
But how cool is that? I mean, when that thing flew and I was like, Oh, that's pretty sweet. you know, because we haven't seen that era of Rommel in ships and years since us, you know? I mean, that's it's pretty awesome. I liked it. I thought it was a cool throwback.

Keith:   49:25
I thought was

Michael:   49:26
pretty good. I thought it was just OK, Keefe,

Sabrina:   49:31
what did you think about the little ship that zipped in? Let's not talk about it yet.

Keith:   49:37
Uh, could barely see it. And then if you're Starfighter throwing down against a capital ship, you shouldn't be out.

Michael:   49:44
Yeah, just ripped off of wing, like, All right. Come on, E. It wasn't like

Keith:   49:52
I feel bad picking on the show because I feel like I'm being some kind of have some kind of bias or something, but yeah, it's just like I don't need starfighter fights. I

Sabrina:   50:04
don't know what you're talking about. TNG fans talk trash about T and G g s. Nine fans talk trash about D s. Nine. All of us talked trash about all of the Star Trek. We all know that there's bits of Star

Michael:   50:12
Trek better trash. They're fun to make fun of. It's fine. Good about the card.

Sabrina:   50:16
It doesn't mean we hate it. And even if we do hate it. We're still gonna watch it. So, like, who cares? Whatever.

Keith:   50:21
Then on the side of, like, most of my normal star check

Michael:   50:24
what you guys doing. What you guys doing

Keith:   50:26
your your Starfire Just flip it around in my Star Trek, you could be shot in one, like one shot from most capital ships. But if I'm a foot myself around to, like, you know, this is Picard now.

Michael:   50:36
All right. You know, maybe 79

Keith:   50:39
cars, Sophie. I mean, if everyone's gonna have a Starfire that can rock a capital ship seven. I was going to the person You could probably get a hold of having,

Sabrina:   50:48
like, a really funny, I guess you just, like, souped up her weapons and did not do shit for

Michael:   50:53
shields. Cross. Your fingers are being beamed out. She's like, I'm never gonna get hit him two. Good. She's like the Karl way, way too long to be more out

Keith:   51:05
because, like in Star Star Trek all this time, usually if you ever like a small ship, you could be shot in one hit and you're done and be like having a conversation. Or should we take her out? Oh, wait, so

Michael:   51:15
we don't know who it is. Guys. Dad, they're in a live battle. Yeah, Yeah, just be merchant brig. There were a couple moments where I

Sabrina:   51:22
was, like, Wait a card. Really? Like, um, when they first called him, and he's down there and they're like, Hey, there's a Roman ship coming and he's like, Yeah, I'm sure you guys can take care of it. Whatever. Like

Michael:   51:33
I do with it. I'm busy. Hold on. Um, and also

Sabrina:   51:37
where he's just, like, just like, yeah, you just got angry at your, like, child friends, uh, chopping up that do, Ted. But you're not gonna be like, yeah. Immediately built, obviously being that person aboard.

Jay:   51:51
Yeah, well, and I'm so cold blooded. So this is something that that I that I wrote down that it hadn't very, um, when she flew in like that, it had maki vibes. You know what I'm saying?

Michael:   52:03
Like like it

Jay:   52:05
fell Very maki to me.

Sabrina:   52:06
But that makes this because she probably she probably learned helm from from, uh, you know, uh,

Jay:   52:14
that's what I mean. So, like, it just it felt like I don't know if that was just Ah, yeah, I don't know if that was on purpose or what, But it felt very lucky to me. And I was like, Ooh,

Sabrina:   52:24
I mean, Marky, you're very gorilla. And it's just a guerrilla tactic to flying shoot and then like me like,

Michael:   52:29
Oh, but my ship's exploding pygmy board. So uh, yeah, they didn't drop

Keith:   52:34
enough, um, Easter eggs per episode, which only like the deepest nerd would give him, Like which to me. I don't think it's pandering. So I do think there might be something to that, like in the big game episode there drinking Mom and hail from that little cask thing that I saw in. I thought I saw it in undiscovered Country, but the video I saw says it was in Wrath of Khan. But like I saw

Sabrina:   52:57

Keith:   52:57
it's on the table to drew no attention to it. They didn't like waving in front of camera, just like

Michael:   53:01
oh so hee think they don't know, you know, really? Just that she's

Sabrina:   53:06
here to do with four props and stuff than it is to do in writing

Michael:   53:09
them. Yeah, okay. Just speaking, which

Sabrina:   53:13
I did like the Rommel in casual wear.

Keith:   53:16
Mmm. My brain did not log it mean on plant

Sabrina:   53:21
on the planet? Yeah, a CZ You may have noticed. I will just randomly, uh, compliment or otherwise, the visual departments, because they don't get a lot of talking about since obviously, we want to talk about. But I mean, costumes, set design, makeup

Keith:   53:43
of any song dead forces someone to wear sort of their hip. So Hee was really cool.

Michael:   53:49
I also like

Sabrina:   53:50
his sword cane.

Jay:   53:51
Yes. Hurricanes.

Keith:   53:56
Yeah, I thought, um, to me, like the, uh, the cutlets isn't like, I think the idea that they had felt, uh, brutally out of place and way too much like the grab him out of the prop department cut. Think I'm I do like it when they have out of place. You know, grab from the prop department. Like your Stargate does it all the time. And it's just like fun. Grill ist er cited

Sabrina:   54:18
a lot of fun reference to Star Trek to us, too, because to us notorious, they had such a low budget that they would like the reason they had so many episodes that were like, ah, Western or Nazi or whatever is because they were, like up what show? Just finished filming can we use? They're set in their costumes. So

Keith:   54:39
that's the core of like what I like in my picture because it's ah can become almost a mirror of what it was like when I was a kid, when we were growing up in playing like You take all your toys from the box and you mix them all together to make your fiction happen like cement concrete.

Michael:   54:54
One thing I

Jay:   54:55
have to throw out and this is something that you know, it's It's I, uh so we're in the future there, on a planet right there, like they have a shield around the planet. But then the only weapons that they have their swords Yeah, I mean, like, wait a minute, Who

Keith:   55:13
meet where? That shield Where the plant she'll come

Michael:   55:15
from. Well, that the end, they didn't pull out like the disruptors or whatever. Remember, the stewards are mainly climate shield. I'm not sure I

Sabrina:   55:26
I don't know if it's a shield like a shield shield or if it's just it's

Michael:   55:30
like a protection network. Yeah,

Keith:   55:32
yeah, I was just like what? Like if the discrepancy is like because of thes rangers that they're talking about, there was a time where there was a lot of use for just put on the planet, and it just got left behind.

Sabrina:   55:42
Look, Colin. Okay. Which soldiers?

Michael:   55:46
You don't.

Keith:   55:48
I I'm Ah, I did not pay close enough attention to it, but I mentioned I remember them saying that, like, at the start of, like, creating this planet of refugees, there was some rangers that were there. Like maybe they had lots of, like, military assets. Placed her at first. But as things disintegrated on planet base left all the hardware in orbit. And that's why there's a discrepancy between swords and planet shields.

Michael:   56:11
Uh, okay, because the Federation had banned it does, Yes. We're gonna carry

Jay:   56:18
swords. OK, so speaking of now that we know who was on that ship, so seven of nine showed up, and, uh, I love where she was, like, Picard, you owe me a ship. Like she came in, like, super badass, like, very again. And

Michael:   56:35
I came in. My ship is

Sabrina:   56:36
gone now, so you

Michael:   56:37
need to get anyone

Jay:   56:38
Very. It feels very mucky, like she feels very maquina me. So it's like, this is interesting, you know, But she just Yeah, I know. Right? Um, but if we finally get the reveal of seven and she's finally on the ship with Picard and it's the first time that those two have met that we know of, um and they're both that's Borg. I mean, it's that's That's the That's That's something I've been looking forward to this whole time. So, you know, I was hoping that

Sabrina:   57:08
well, you don't have it quite yet.

Michael:   57:11
No, you don't have it quite yet. You That was for next up.

Jay:   57:14
Exactly. But that's just it. Like I you know, I was hoping that we would see her this episode, and we did, so, you know, we don't know nothing else yet, but you know what it does do, is it? It explains how, because, you know, in the previous you see her and him talking at his chateau, and now you know why? Because it's the Holodeck in the ship. Because at first I was like, Wait, does he go back to earth now? Right? That's what I was going away.

Keith:   57:38
Yeah. I thought she was going to be looking for him on Earth first. And that's why we saw her there. And then she drinks into space to catch up to him.

Sabrina:   57:47
But oh, no, that actually makes me think of something.

Michael:   57:52
Oh, no. I'm suddenly

Sabrina:   57:53
concerned that the reason that they have a Holodeck of his chateau on the ship is specifically so that they could trick us by showing us that in the

Michael:   58:01
preview on if that's the case, yeah,

Jay:   58:05
yeah, I hope that's not the only reason

Michael:   58:08
I've seen it a lot lately

Sabrina:   58:10
with movies where there'll be a line that's in the trailer. And when you see it in the movie, you're like, all right, you put that line in the movie just so that you could happen for the trailer. Yeah, like

Keith:   58:20
Ray's going to the dark

Sabrina:   58:21
side. Yeah, that doesn't happen very often in the official world, but I hope that somebody that happened

Keith:   58:33
on a flex on a flat dork level I love that I'm seeing Picard and sometime look each other in a chair. Words at each other. I'm very happy for that. And I hope we do get the legit conversation of way. Yeah, man, I was aboard to once, like Oh man, that was crazy. And it's what? Yeah, we get that real conversation. It's really cool to see that. Well,

Jay:   58:54
those two are such epic characters and just the just the combination of those two together in the series I have been so excited for. So I like, so excited. I can't even, like, explain how much I can't wait

Michael:   59:07
to see what's

Jay:   59:08
gonna happen between those two. I'm just interested to see how sevens like personality and stuff has changed over the over the years, because before, she was very she was human. But she's

Michael:   59:18
very warlike still. Yeah, exactly rigid. So I'm interested to see if she's, like, fully, like, you know, like, normal human. Yeah, relaxed or she's still kind of has that rigidness. I hope she has a

Jay:   59:28
little bit of it.

Sabrina:   59:29
I hope she's Yeah, I

Jay:   59:32
I hope I hope she drops a Naomi Wildman reference. That's what I hope.

Michael:   59:38
Oh, that. Uh, thank you. I don't get it.

Sabrina:   59:43
She she was like family with Naomi Wildman family and Wildman Smother died aboard the ship when she gave birth to Naomi. And then we ended up being raised more or less by seven of nine. And obviously seven of nine would be the favorite parent.

Jay:   59:57
Yeah, yeah. Naomi Wildman was like the adopted kind of kid it was. She was adorable. And she had a very gentle, very sweet like disposition towards seven of nine. It was you know, it. Like she kind of saw through the hard exterior. It was really sweet. They had such a

Sabrina:   1:0:16
Keith. Remember when we watched the seven of nine episodes? There was the one with the little girl that calls her family at the end.

Keith:   1:0:23
Yeah. Okay, so then I hope in Ah, a couple episodes. We see them on the ship and begging, outgunned and outmanned. Actually, I

Michael:   1:0:31
think this is the end. And also Hey, could you some assistant? And

Keith:   1:0:34
like, the ship drops out of warp? It's a Starfleet ship, and she's a captain

Michael:   1:0:37
in the and I mean, they could use the same actor. Absolutely. Yeah. That's a cool about

Jay:   1:0:44
this show. Being 20 years in the future is it's really

Michael:   1:0:48
time. Real time. That's amazing. Yeah. Yeah,

Keith:   1:0:53
but if you want to do a small complaint, uh um, it be that, uh, man your galaxy

Michael:   1:1:01
small. Yeah. Yeah, I was laughed when it's like, Oh,

Sabrina:   1:1:04
you get saved by somebody who you already know out of like all of the

Michael:   1:1:06
places way we love

Keith:   1:1:09
data. Before, he was really loved him because he would, We didn't know. He was like, when you hit the screen from first times like our mass data, we like him. It's just like, who is this weird thing? That we even stick it in overtime and he grows on us and he becomes a cool thing versus put on screen. This person is cool because, you know, in reference And yes, I want to give them between short form serialized, then having like 10 seasons of 26 episodes.

Jay:   1:1:35
But at the same time, we don't know what seven already knows. You know what I mean? Like she she might have been following the card for years. You know what I mean? Knowing that data like she might know a little bit about this and know that him and data were close and that he would be the one to do it like we don't really know what's going

Sabrina:   1:1:52
on. If she does, we can expect to get any info down from her

Jay:   1:1:55
exact look that

Keith:   1:1:57
I'm very much looking forward to

Michael:   1:1:59
it in photo studio and

Keith:   1:2:00
all the screen.

Jay:   1:2:03
Well, that's it for my list. So you all its let's just let's just wrap. Let's let's let's talk. What? What did I miss? What? What isn't on the list? Um, what are your thoughts? What? Your hopes. What do your failures?

Michael:   1:2:17
Hold on. Let's do that one thing at a time. Way talking personal failures, Jr Joe, man, I could because I still got something. Okay, let's go. Um, these

Sabrina:   1:2:27
before I even hit any of those things first have a couple of quotes I thought were funny. So I'm just gonna share with them with you. Uh, hilarious. Ravi says, Man, you can't even take a guilt trip without using a starship card. That's fucking amazing. But, um,

Keith:   1:2:48
they do some good roasting back and forth. Yeah, they dio. But I can see, actually, I was the moment I was I took a note saying that people get really mad about like that when they all sat down together to talk. They're all doing I have a snark off. Yeah, in instead of like, you know, the adult conversations, we use a lying in Star Trek, and ah, lot of fans are gonna hit you two going Oh, my God. they don't get along. And that noise a lot of people and annoys me to mostly Elsa. But I get why they

Michael:   1:3:18
Yeah, but here's the

Sabrina:   1:3:19
thing. Also, television nowadays, a lot of stuff they're looking for in writers of specifically the ability to write one liners, especially with the rise of Marvel movies and Marvel TV shows where it's just like like, comic books. You know, you beat a villain and then you give him a one liner. So ah, a lot of writing nowadays focuses on that kind of quits. Quickness. Yes. So, unfortunately, that is gonna affect our Star Trek. No. Um, yeah, I'm not a big fan of it either, but, you know, whatever. At least they finally got a scene that was just purely like the crew being who they were and seeing how they interacted. Um, another quarter I found. I found funny. Was it? Tell

Michael:   1:4:00
them it's

Sabrina:   1:4:00
me trying to get permission to go.

Michael:   1:4:03
Yeah, they were not impressed, and he was just offended. How dare they Minute what,

Sabrina:   1:4:11
uh, are on vastly when she goes down and he's she's like, you've agencies like you haven't. She's like, I remind you, this is a house of Truth, but also yeah. Uh, do you guys want me to go? I notice them. We'll go through. Your guys is now,

Keith:   1:4:30
uh, I think you don't. You're doing pre grid right here. I

Sabrina:   1:4:33
think, um, this is a total signed note, but I noticed in the scene with Dutch and not Dodge in Sochi, so we can't keep them straight. The sea would so g and ah, Rommie Lynn guy whose name I will learn eventually. Uh, he was wearing a wedding ring, and ah, my brain was like, Okay, three things. One. It's an actual wedding ring for the character. Probably unlikely to Romney wins. Don't give a shit about ring years. Ah, and it's not a rommel in culture. Thanks. So he doesn't mean it doesn't mean occur to him. But three. I wonder if it's actually Harry Tread ways ring because some actors take off their wedding rings when they're in character. And some don't

Jay:   1:5:14
realize that was a thing like that. It was just kind of assumed that you had to

Sabrina:   1:5:18
um, yeah, I I definitely do like depending on the character of the characters married. It's fine to have a wedding ring. If he cares, not, you shouldn't. But some actors don't like. If it's not specified with the other character is married or not, They prefer to keep it on his. You know, it's a yeah. Devotional like symbol. Um, interesting. I feel like if I were Harry Treadway and I was playing a Vulcan and I had a wedding ring, I'd be like Rommel, and I'd be like, Romney wins. Don't care about wedding ring. So it's fine to keep it on. And then ask your costumer or your director for its Fine. So

Michael:   1:5:54
just good. That's one thing I noticed. Thank you. I would not. Even my

Keith:   1:5:59
brain never registered any kind of jewelry on anybody's fingers the entire time I've ever seen

Michael:   1:6:04
everything. I

Sabrina:   1:6:06
always keep an eye on keeping out an eye for costume and for makeup and design because it will tell you a lot about characters that they won't necessarily say out.

Keith:   1:6:16
Yeah, we're looking now,

Sabrina:   1:6:18
um, and, uh, we haven't talked about the Callen. Quiet. The Colin Chi Ah, that's the group of ah, like sword wielding ladies that Eleanor grew up in. So because I know the Colin Kai, the reason he can joint Picard's cause. It's because it follows, uh, in the requirements. What are the requirements? Agnes asks. It

Michael:   1:6:49
has to be a lost cause. If it's the last cause, most of the

Sabrina:   1:6:55
time, the person who is doing it will die. So just curious how this system and this group continues only engaged themselves. Lost your order, have died out by now.

Jay:   1:7:09
If it was a lost cause, maybe because before they became a part of it and maybe they made it not a lost cause, rain.

Michael:   1:7:17
But then it's not a lot, said J. Not anymore. But it was actually way will turn this cause around Zach.

Jay:   1:7:26
No, I thought that

Michael:   1:7:27
was just another one of those. Excuse me. Sorry. Those another one of

Jay:   1:7:33
those one letters, you know, like, uh, you know, the way we do it when they're it's a lost cause. I mean, that's that's kind of like a easy one liner thing, but it's ah,

Sabrina:   1:7:43
you stuck with that Us?

Michael:   1:7:45
Yeah, it's in. Consider. I mean, he wasn't

Jay:   1:7:48
really one of them anyway, because he was a male, but he still followed in their roles in the footsteps. Right?

Sabrina:   1:7:54
Do you think anybody's gonna mention how weird it is.

Michael:   1:7:57
That really? You think those air dropping on second technical

Keith:   1:8:01
difficulties? Yes. Um, let's see. So keep talking. Sure. We

Sabrina:   1:8:10
know. Yes, Maybe, uh, hope over Eddie.

Jay:   1:8:16
Okay, Come back.

Keith:   1:8:18
Have a smoker have a small critique against the lady. Orders of sorts fingers when it comes to that, Um, I'm an action movie martial art snob. Uh, if you're gonna be that I need to get that eye, there's usually a feeling you get off. People are actual martial arts or done training. We go home, you are a warrior. And the ones I saw on screen

Sabrina:   1:8:38
we're not working that

Keith:   1:8:39
feel the warrior. Yeah, they're act actresses and, like a pleasant they seem nice, but as

Sabrina:   1:8:45
they seem very pleasant and nice for a group of swords. Wielding.

Keith:   1:8:49
Yeah. Get Caires, start women and and then and then made. Put them in customs. But then again, maybe maybe they are. I don't know.

Michael:   1:8:56
Especially since they're all actions. Except

Sabrina:   1:8:58
for the one lady.

Keith:   1:9:00
Mmm. Yeah. So, like, I love game of feeling off of fighters that they are fighters versus being told they are. And you can get away with that with any other profession with me. Like you could be not a pilot can deny scientists, but you can see your fighter like there are stunt people out there and I put them on the screen. Yeah, so and then like this got new guy. I do get a fighter vibe off. Um, and I really, But I just don't Ah, haven't kneel down what I think his personality is yet.

Sabrina:   1:9:32

Keith:   1:9:32
like the most I know of him. Is he killed? Like, what seemed kind of like this guy has and grievances that have building up over decades. So he had a reason to be pretty mad. And

Sabrina:   1:9:41
that didn't seem like an honest

Michael:   1:9:42
killing. That flood?

Keith:   1:9:44
Yeah. Kill him in cold blood. And now you get to be part of Picard's

Michael:   1:9:48
crew. Okay. Okay. That was so card would

Sabrina:   1:9:51
have a moment to be like Killing is bad, even if

Michael:   1:9:53
it's people attack. But again, he did give him a choice, but I thought they kind of every thought they kind

Sabrina:   1:10:00
of already made

Michael:   1:10:00
that. There is a while

Sabrina:   1:10:01
in the other episode, with his blaster being on stun and everybody else's blaster being on killed.

Keith:   1:10:06
Yeah, and but yet also that they were also in the samurai slash Wild West world. If you if you talk to a swordsman, they say, Look, I will kill you to do this Don't do it. And if you do it, they killed. So in that on that plan in the world. Yes, it did make sense, but I just didn't like it.

Sabrina:   1:10:26
Oh, you mean so it's like that firefly scene where they start a fight in the bar because the brown coats,

Jay:   1:10:32
yes, Um, one thing I wanted to bring a little something I want to bring up between him and Picard is you know, he was very irritated. Was like, No, no, I don't want to be near you. But then, like 10 minutes later, he was like here. I'm gonna slice this guy's head off and save you. And now I am giving you my sword. I think it was a very, very drastic change of heart

Michael:   1:10:56
very quick. You know, it was that

Keith:   1:11:00
Maybe have some time to think, like walk through, like is rainy town, like, you know, like garbage, everybody. Or it could be.

Michael:   1:11:07
But maybe, maybe,

Sabrina:   1:11:12
maybe, see cats. I love that. The one thing he says about dating. Yeah, you told me about data. He had an orange

Michael:   1:11:17
cat. That is everything. J in

Sabrina:   1:11:21
regards to that very quick change of heart. Key head. Um, actually, before we saw his reaction to Picard, obviously, I figured out pretty quickly, and I'm sure you guys did to that. The kid he was teaching a sword fight would grow up to be sword fighting. Yeah, e.

Keith:   1:11:39
I didn't catch that right away and

Michael:   1:11:40
let you keep Oh, hey, Willie Cable that goes like, who is this kid?

Keith:   1:11:44
And then it did that they started training of

Michael:   1:11:47
Yeah. Okay, let's do this.

Sabrina:   1:11:49
But I actually made a note immediately that I wondered if he would be really bitter or if you would be really happy to see Picard again because he was, like, what? Like eight or nine when it happened. So, um, feelings about childhood especially, are really ambiguous and ambivalent. Not in the like, I don't really care, but in the like, I have very strong feelings in both directions kind of way. So, like his initial reaction would be like, I haven't seen this man again in 20 years. He feels absolutely abandoned. So he's like, Hey, go fuck

Michael:   1:12:21
yourself. And then,

Sabrina:   1:12:23
um, Picard is clearly, like, unhappy about having abandoned them all and stuff. So it makes sense to me that he would have a change of heart as opposed to the people who were adults.

Jay:   1:12:32
Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. I mean, I get that it's Ah, and I mean, it's it's part of the plot to like, Oh, what do you mean? Yeah, well, you know one thing, he's not gonna go with you. Oh, but he has to. He's in all the previews, You know what I mean? Like, it's like we all knew that he was

Michael:   1:12:47
getting kind of

Jay:   1:12:48
that he was going to join. But, you know, it's it's part of the plan. I get it.

Sabrina:   1:12:53
Yeah, it kind of feels like this is the same thing with him and Rafi where they're like, they give him an excuse to hate the card so it could be like

Michael:   1:12:59
and now Picard doesn't win it back.

Sabrina:   1:13:01
We're done. We're doing it with two characters, but

Jay:   1:13:04
well, he has Oh, yeah, He has a kind of do that with the whole.

Sabrina:   1:13:08
I'm disappointed in two different character arcs that are focused on the relationship card you have. There

Jay:   1:13:13
goes, That's his relationship with everyone, though. Even the admiral. Excuse me?

Sabrina:   1:13:19
Yeah, but that was

Michael:   1:13:20
nothing. Well, he's

Sabrina:   1:13:22
one of the One of the reasons I was with Discovery was because they came out and they said, This is not going to show about a captain. This is gonna be a show about a first officer. And I was like Paul's Bozz, Bozz, Bozz. None of the show's

Michael:   1:13:33
working with Madison, and they were all aboutthe us. Granted, only did three

Sabrina:   1:13:38
main. Not that like nine Main like

Jay:   1:13:40
the rest

Sabrina:   1:13:40
of the shows. But this'll one kind of feels that way, too. Like it's It's not the ensemble, it's Picard and the Game. Um, yeah, So I was hoping that they would have their own, Ah, arcs more. But it looks like there are there gonna be more defined by the relationship with the card. Yeah, um, at least for those two characters, we'll see what happens.

Keith:   1:14:02
And once again, it's like the less notes I have in problem we have with that is that it's the damn difference of, like, different fiction. Like like, uh, I I would love that I think would love the show if maybe I could use the show if it had 26 episodes this season. And like all these characters that you don't like the stuff they get Blake personal episodes. And then, like you see the writers figure out how they make them Cooler changed their costumes up and they, like, seem grow over time. So that, like, where? And start Stargate Atlantis. There's this guy named Rodney. He's frickin asshole. But man, he keeps on game these moments that do keep adding up, and over time you get to be won over. It's kind of like life. You get to enjoy, like, new people.

Michael:   1:14:47
I am Ronnie Ronnie. We'll start Ronnie's turkey. Everyone finds

Sabrina:   1:14:54
me annoying and aggressive at the beginning, and then slowly I win them over. Come on,

Keith:   1:14:59
M. I am exiting.

Michael:   1:15:01
And then they asked me to be on a podcast. Yeah, my feelings. Well, change Sabrina's. You're saying you like

Sabrina:   1:15:10
me? Yeah.

Michael:   1:15:11
Okay. Don't run out. Yeah, Miss Fiction ahead. Enough time to win you. If

Keith:   1:15:17
you didn't like the first.

Sabrina:   1:15:17
Certainly. Imagine trying to put Reg Barclay in ah, 10 episode serial series like this and tell me if anybody would like Reg. But because Reg had those episodes specifically about his anxieties and stuff. Ah, whole bunch of people who are You know, I don't want to say mentally ill. What's the word I'm looking for, um social? No. It's like non normative brain function. There's a specific term for that. Slipping my mind right now. Um, because not all, not normal brain functions, is like a problem like anxiety and depression or a problem. Um or at least to me, they feel like a problem, but like, for example, is just a different way of thinking. It's not actually despite what people may try

Jay:   1:16:13

Sabrina:   1:16:14
tell you. Um, so, like that kind of thing? Ah, lot of people connected to Reg Barclay really well, and I don't think they would have if he was in a serial Siri's, we just would've been like, Oh, my God. Who is that annoying dude who won't, like,

Michael:   1:16:24
chill out? Yeah, yeah,

Keith:   1:16:26
yeah. He would have had his one note of like, you know, his kind of annoying witness. And then maybe the second last episode, he finally gets a rise versus I loved how flawed he was in like there's I think there's a time where you thought he'd given up on you know how he gave up his Holodeck Addiction was just like,

Michael:   1:16:46
Ah, good. Great twist. Yeah, when we get way. Definitely want t o right? Yeah.

Keith:   1:16:56
Yeah, we are. Fiction does not give us enough time to just be with the characters on a slice of life a day. So we get to, like, know them and gone with him.

Sabrina:   1:17:06
I do feel it. That's a weakness of our serial speed. Siri's right Now.

Jay:   1:17:09
Binge everything. Yeah. Which I think it

Keith:   1:17:14
might be changing pretty soon.

Sabrina:   1:17:16
Uh, yeah. Doesn't use pushing to bring us back to episodic. And I have no problem with that,

Keith:   1:17:21
huh? Yep. It earns them more money, and it's better for the fiction.

Sabrina:   1:17:25
Yeah, because you we've gone on a tangent here, but one of the issues with streaming is like, for example, stranger things very popular for like, a month. And then everybody forgets about it until the next season comes out. Whereas if you release one season per episode, people are excited about it for months. They're talking about it on the internet for months, so it keeps you attention on the products. So there's I think, cos got really excited about streaming. Streaming was taking off was making sure that people watch their entire Siri's. But soon they will start kind of as they realized that it it doesn't lend itself to long term attention.

Keith:   1:18:00
Yeah, taking from good. I was, uh, taken from another video that I've been thinking about binge culture for, like a few years now and just haven't been able to put my finger on, like, what my noticing and like to figure it out, I made me and my best friend watch Star Gate because you're like, What's this ratchet ass theories?

Michael:   1:18:21
All right, I've always hated Yeah, and then

Keith:   1:18:24
we watched it. And then we found out there's a different joy when you have time to ruminate on a person on episode that close itself up. I mean, you're the next versus binge when, like, it hits all in one on one week, and then you kind of done with it afterwards. It's just gone. And yeah, if they if they spread it out, then like, they also keep people from ah, subscribing for one month, and so this money for them And

Jay:   1:18:52
that's actually what I was gonna bring up is the whole CBS all access thing. Um, when it comes to Star Trek, I have no no problem fork and money out because star treks my favorite. Um, but that being said when Discovery Season one was over, I cancelled my membership because I'm like, and then they're like, What is your

Michael:   1:19:09
reasoning? What? What

Jay:   1:19:11
is your reasoning? I said, because there's no more Star Trek to watch, you know? And basically that's what it is like. There's literally nothing on CBS. I wanna watch other than Star Trek. I mean, don't get me wrong. They have Twilight Zone. They have some cool stuff, but nothing is gonna make me pay except Star Trek. I'm not gonna pay for anything unless a star tracked so basically, which

Michael:   1:19:30
is funny,

Jay:   1:19:30
because I prefer to not have to pay. But since its track will pay, but they say they're seriously, we're like, Hey, you know why you canceling? And I'm like because there's no track on, you know, if you had start check on all year, whether it's one Siri's or multiple. Siri's, um, if there's something for me to look forward, to for an entire year. You'll have my money for an entire year, you know? I mean,

Sabrina:   1:19:51
maybe that's why they're developing.

Jay:   1:19:53
Honestly, I think that's why I think that's what Yeah, um,

Sabrina:   1:19:57
but also, they're trying to cover

Jay:   1:19:58

Sabrina:   1:19:58
bases, you know, like discovery is more action. A Picard is drying in the T and G crowed wth e animated show they're working. Working on right now is like for kids

Michael:   1:20:07
in Star Trek fans. We've got one

Jay:   1:20:08
coming out on Nickelodeon, too, I think. Which is kind of cool.

Michael:   1:20:12
Yeah, I'm actually I'm actually really excited about that one, huh? From what

Sabrina:   1:20:17
I've what little life seen, you know, I don't go out looking for information a lot, but from one little I've seen its, like this concept that a bunch of kids who were secretly geniuses because, you know, kids are geniuses in the Star Trek universe, even the normal kids, not even the Westley's, but even the normal

Michael:   1:20:33
considering, like, quantum

Sabrina:   1:20:34
mechanics of fucking seventh grade. So, um, a group of kids finds a derelict ship and is like a derelict star flee shipping. They're like, Oh, we'll take it. I mean, that's to go on

Michael:   1:20:44
adventures. That's cute. And I hope that's episodic. That's it.

Sabrina:   1:20:47
I don't think I don't think a serial shows have taken over for shows, so it's probably gonna stick episodic, but I think that's gonna be really like John C to watch a little like T s.

Jay:   1:20:58
I watch it with the kiddo. Oh, man. Like I'm in something I could watch with.

Michael:   1:21:04
I don't have any kids, but I watch it anyway. Well,

Jay:   1:21:06
you talk about it on the podcast.

Sabrina:   1:21:09
I think a kid shows more likely to have that optimism that I start to

Jay:   1:21:13
think you're right. Yeah.

Sabrina:   1:21:16
I mean, like Picard himself is kind of optimistic, but the world itself is

Jay:   1:21:19
not optimistic yet. I think

Michael:   1:21:22
the car

Jay:   1:21:22
it's gonna change everything yet. Yeah.

Sabrina:   1:21:27
What else we got? Those are all my notes.

Keith:   1:21:34
The last thing I have a lesson that I have is that Star Trek was Twilight Zone on like Twilight Zone. I noticed launched some lots of beloved science science fiction were Twilight Zone. The fund was like what we get Star Gate or original Star Trek is like You don't know what's gonna happen when you tune in like you tuned in your ground zero for some kind of weird thing that happens. So Twilight Zone was just like, you know, self contained short stories. But they made the Twilight Zone situations and then made through a tactical team at it. And then you get that kind of, like fun that you don't know what's gonna happen. Each episode and the characters grow over time. And I miss that kind of format. I want that back where I just don't know what's gonna happen. Let's get crazy and then watch me roam against that.

Sabrina:   1:22:21
You're my favorite. SDA episodes are character episodes there. They're not the like Super dope Mid Siri's or serious finale. Two partners that are super actually like those air fun. But they're not my favorite. My favorite of the character upsets.

Keith:   1:22:38
And that's

Michael:   1:22:38
all right, Michael. No. You guys covered everything that I had. Yeah, I'm just looking forward to watching more. Yeah, all right. Day.

Keith:   1:22:46
I haven't been very excited, but accepts upper

Michael:   1:22:49
Finally. Jeri Ryan. Oh, my God. We've been waiting for you to appear here you are Complaint

Jay:   1:22:54
episode when we get to see you for two seconds. At the very end.

Sabrina:   1:22:58
I was looking on IMDb because I was trying to figure out if Ellner is Australia, New Zealander there. The accents are pretty close for me. Hard for me to distinguish. I was

Michael:   1:23:09
pretty sure he was

Sabrina:   1:23:09
Australian, but I went to check anyway. He is. Whatever. Um, I'm not gonna talk about which character I saw it before, but I noticed that a certain character was only in three episodes. I was supposed to sinks as opposed to you Ate as opposed to 10 you know? And I got a little disappointed.

Michael:   1:23:26
Don't look, and I'm on what? You gotta do that stay. We have to do that. Serena, you know, I like to share my decision. I know. Okay.

Sabrina:   1:23:40
All right, Dave. You got anything else for us? So you had a bunch of questions. Only cut you off, and I

Jay:   1:23:43
don't know. No, I'm all good. I am. I just appreciate Have any all year and the podcast and having the everyone listening and stuff. It's We're already it. Almost a hour and 1/2. Again, like this is, I think, becoming our normal. It's just so easy to go on a dud. Er Star Trek with you three. So

Sabrina:   1:24:02
but There's one portion of the podcast, my favorite portion that we haven't done yet,

Jay:   1:24:07
Which is Oh, yeah, pretty theories. Yes. Good calling. Forget about that. I forgot. We're doing that. Yeah. My Okay, so

Michael:   1:24:14
I gotta keep scored. So I know I'm sorry. I'm not

Jay:   1:24:17
very good at this whole, like being in charge thing. So they're hosting or whatever, but, uh, my predictions are, um we're gonna have more Ramelan brother and sister Awkwardness. I think it's just gonna get worse. It's gonna create. Um, it already is. Um, you know, to be honest, though, other than like that, which is just being funny. But other than that, I'm I'm not really sure because I've already kind of said what I think's gonna happen with Dodge. And so Ji and all that stuff

Michael:   1:24:52
about this episode, that episode

Jay:   1:24:55
didn't really change my mind with much. If anything, it just kind of gave me more to be hungry for for the next episode or two,

Sabrina:   1:25:03

Jay:   1:25:03
know, because again, the 1st 3 were kind of setting the story up these air kind of the grit, like Like I think thes next episode's gonna be kind of the grid of what's going on? So I

Michael:   1:25:13
don't know,

Jay:   1:25:13
Like I'm still I'm still sticking with what I was talking about last week.

Sabrina:   1:25:18
It's good.

Keith:   1:25:21
Um, my predictions will be that Ah, the twin incest sister she's set up to die by the brothers hand.

Michael:   1:25:30

Keith:   1:25:32
if she sees waiting, If you're if you're naughty, evil, you're set up to die, and it's gonna be dramatic, and she won't see it coming. Be Ramya One swordsman, hey, will have a gigantic fake out.

Sabrina:   1:25:44

Keith:   1:25:45
but he won't. And then also this one other people came up with that. I didn't come up with myself, but I guess I could

Michael:   1:25:53
not getting points for it. Hey, I think I was

Keith:   1:25:57
going to say that I can't get points for this one. But the cute, uh, girl from Scott Pilgrim, she's gonna be the ultimate No. People think that she's, um she's way too innocent set up. And also there was a line that did stick out to me. So that was when Rafi says I didn't even

Michael:   1:26:19
do a background

Keith:   1:26:20
check on her. Looks at the camera.

Sabrina:   1:26:22
It looks in the Caymans

Keith:   1:26:23
back to her character.

Michael:   1:26:24
Okay, Okay. Yeah. No, that makes me sad.

Keith:   1:26:28
So yeah, that line stuck out. I didn't I was like, Wait, she said it like that.

Sabrina:   1:26:33
I do feel that it's very likely that Agnes would take the side of the Aye, Aye, because in a she's a she's a eye doctor, So I'm not sure I would say that I would call her a betrayer, like I don't think she's gonna be like, I meant to do this little time in, like, step A card back. But that does reason an interesting point about like alliances. And they're not being a riel like good side and a bad side. And it all being like your own morality because most of these people are afraid of a I. Agnes is loves. And so it won't necessarily be that she betrays them, but rather that hood thinking of Androids as being life is gonna.

Keith:   1:27:19
I see you speaking from the point of view of like the star trick that we used to like and what happens in like high caliber Cirio.

Michael:   1:27:27
Look at this was being power. Yeah,

Keith:   1:27:30
like I like your idea because that's better writing, but I really think they are sitting, so

Michael:   1:27:35
ah, she's so Q stabs in Imola. Oh, my God. She's you won't. Awesome. Not evil. Evil. Awesome Surprise. Yeah, that

Sabrina:   1:27:45
would tie in with her picking up the Rommel in gun shooting. Two dudes square, and they'd be like,

Michael:   1:27:50
Oh, no, um, she says that she winked at the camera. Well, I don't see her coming out is evil necessarily. Just, maybe, like having to make, you know, come down to one decision she has to make where she's, like, pushing this button to save humanity or save the sense. And she chooses the sense something like that, probably. Yeah, Um, seeing as

Sabrina:   1:28:10
Agnes right now is the only, like, really purely positive character. I will be very disappointed if they do that, because once again, I don't have my truck to be dark. Trek is the light for me. And, uh, like these,

Keith:   1:28:22
uh, we live in post game of the culture.

Jay:   1:28:26
Anyone else have the theories before we

Sabrina:   1:28:29
wrap my theories of the same as last week? You know, I still think that the Romulan bro is gonna end up turning against the sister. I do agree with Keith. It would make sense if he ends up having killer um too Yeah. So he kills the sister to protect soju. Soju? He's not evil Dodges evil. Yeah. Yeah, I'm still sticking with all that

Keith:   1:28:50
acid. Gosh,

Sabrina:   1:28:51
they were too clear about her having to be the destroyer for her to be.

Michael:   1:28:56
Okay, that makes sense. Yeah. Michael, my my only final final predictions. There will be more slide dancing. I'll risky business. It was to have

Sabrina:   1:29:08
such a like a trophy romance. We're sliding Underwood together in our

Michael:   1:29:12
days. Things happening too easy. Well, it makes

Sabrina:   1:29:18
sense to me because he says he knows how to control so g to his sister. And then it does this, and he's, like, kissing or while asking her for information, you know?

Michael:   1:29:27
So oh,

Sabrina:   1:29:28
maybe I'll just distract her with kisses. And she's like, Hold on, I'm an android.

Michael:   1:29:31
I could do two things at once, and I don't know about that. How dare you call me a liar? Whatever. Uh, yeah, that's funny.

Jay:   1:29:40
All right. Anything. Any last stuff before we wrap up

Michael:   1:29:43
today. Ryan. Ryan. I know. That's like

Jay:   1:29:51
Michael Keith, you guys good.

Keith:   1:29:55
I'm good. Just came with C. Picard in 79 Talk at each other.

Michael:   1:30:00
Yes, And just be sure to check us out at There are four. Horse. There are four hosts dot com and we're horse. Find us at Twitter at four. Hosts. That's the number four were also in Pocky. Sorry, Pop geeks. They're almost

Jay:   1:30:14
dot com Twitter at therefore hosts. Right, Michael? Yeah,

Michael:   1:30:19
yeah, I know. It's for host for your host.

Jay:   1:30:22
And, uh, yeah, thank you, everyone for listening. And thank you, Michael and Sabrina and Keith for having this amazing podcast with me again

Michael:   1:30:34
every week. Remember? Keep looking. Way, way.